Why Does Mac Enjoy Such a Dedicated Userbase?

It might come as no surprise that Mac has been the first and only choice of desktop and laptop for our staff for years now, and this sentiment is hardly unique. There are millions of us who choose to do things the Mac way, and one of the most common questions we face is “why?”. What is it that makes us so dedicated to these systems above all others?

There are so many reasons that it can be difficult to narrow down the top contenders, but that is exactly what we want to try here today.

iMac Setup” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Jami3.org

Mirrored Experience

In our line of work, one of the biggest issues we have to deal with when travelling is the variety of systems and programs which PCs have to offer. What is popular in one area might not be popular in another, and the sheer volume of different programs which PC users have to deal with can lead to immense downtime and inconvenience.

Macs, however, rarely suffer from these issues. Since a big focus on Mac technology has been offering a mirrored experience across all systems, becoming familiar with one will mean becoming familiar with the rest of them. This not only cuts down on wasted time, but it also makes the experience all the less stressful.

Quality of Products

Computer systems are just like any other product in that they run the gambit of quality. Sometimes you might be paying for a single expensive component, which could run the risk of other poor-quality parts. Mac products avoid this issue by having a minimum level of acceptable quality across all systems which ensures that, no matter what, you know what you’re getting will work.

This is especially helpful when it comes to laptops, as travel damage is always a major concern among the active, and is a problem which many of our friends have experienced with their PC based systems.

Speaking of the mobile component of quality, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the added intuitiveness and user-friendliness which comes with the ubiquity of many Mac systems. Macs easily connect anywhere in the world, and with full functionality. VPN for Mac is a must when travelling abroad in this regard, mitigating the few issues which come with any device while connecting in foreign systems with locational limitations and restrictions. With VPN and a wide range of other types of applications, there is great variety of options for Mac users. In fact, there is also Mac-only software that PC users don’t get to enjoy.


We are not going to be those people who incorrectly attempt to claim that Macs can’t get viruses because we know better. However, Macs do undeniably perform better on this front than the competition. Remaining as the safest option, this proves especially true when it comes to mobiles. Even America’s FBI has had trouble with cracking the security on iPhones, which gives us all a lot of hope for our personal devices.

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When it comes to building a dedicated userbase, it is only natural that each person will have a different reason as to what drew them in. While the above are widely cited as the most popular reasons as to why we love our Macs, it makes perfect sense if you have your own reasons.

After all, we all like to think different.