What’s the best way to start listening to a custom vinyl record?

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you’ve noticed that vinyl is now in fashion again. We’re not talking about vinyl skirts of the 80s, we’re talking about the good ole vinyl records our parents and grandparents used to listen to. It’s really fascinating how such a jurassic music format has risen from the ashes. 

When you check Instagram and Youtube today, you can see the best custom vinyl records around – some are a little too extra (there are vinyl records with glitters and other things in it like ash and blood) and there are just the classic black vinyl but with one-of-a-kind custom vinyl record jackets). 

If you’ve always wanted to own a vinyl player yet you think it’s tedious to actually start learning all the vinyl basics, now is definitely the time. Here are the steps if you want to start listening to music on vinyl:

#1 Educate yourself of the basics. Go to Youtube, read up on some of the basics and stories on custom vinyl records for indie artists to get to know what’s up with the vinyl world. Get to know how to shop for vinyl, how to find a good record player and whatnot. 

If you want a shortcut, you can even just ask on Reddit since there are many vinyl record subreddits. DO NOT buy any record player, do not horde on vinyl records just because they look cute. First, take your time learning. You don’t want to rush things on this one or you might scratch some vinyl because you don’t know how to handle it well. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not as easy as skipping music on Spotify.

#2 Tell your mom, tell your pop. If your parents used to own vinyl records, then you don’t need to go anywhere. Just call them, ask them how they are, and get all the information you need about vinyl records. If you have an uncle who’s a vinyl addict, give him a call. 

#3. Borrow a record player. Instead of buying a vinyl player the moment you want to own one, go to your uncle’s house (or whoever owns a record player) and test it out. Do you like how the music sounds? Do you like how you play it? Do you enjoy the experience? If it’s something you want to take home with you, then yep, you’re definitely ready to own one. We are excited for you!

#4. Buy an album you really love. Who is your favorite artist and do they have albums in vinyl? Go to their website to find out or check out those companies that do custom vinyl pressing for special edition releases. There are so many cool releases especially during Record Store Day. Here are some of the best vinyl albums you should own. Buy it now! Don’t hesitate! It’s less than the cost of a vinyl player. Besides, it’s almost impossible that you won’t like it.

#5. Test it out. Go to your uncle with a vinyl player and play your record. Does it make you ecstatic? Well then, you are ready to …

#6. Buy your own vinyl record player. It isn’t cheap but you can find ones that aren’t too expensive either. Vinyl record players these days look cute and classy. You’ll love having it in your living room. You own it forever! Isn’t this something you deserve to have? Besides, you can pass it on to your kids…unless it gets broken. So #1 is a must.

There you have it. Owning a vinyl record isn’t so scary but make sure you really like it. Don’t rush it just because it seems cool because once you start listening to vinyl and owning a record, you can never go back to Spotify. I guess the next question you’ll have will be “How can I go back to bland Spotify if once I’ve tried listening to music on vinyl”, which is tough. But that’s a problem for later. For now, go on…give vinyl a go!