What’s the Best Apple Device for Gaming?

Apple devices aren’t always the go-to devices for gaming, but that’s not to say they aren’t a good option. Every generation of Apple devices is capable of exciting gameplay, be it betting on sports at Betway or playing strategy games. But what’s the best device for gaming at the moment? Well, that’s a tricky question to answer as it depends on the games you want to play.

In simple terms, Apple devices can take care of your gaming needs, but they aren’t ideal for hardcore gamers. If you want to play an extensive scope of games, you’re better off getting a gaming console like PlayStation 5 or a gaming PC. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean Apple devices are completely ruled out in the gaming arena.

Here are Apple’s best devices that casual gamers can check out for their gaming needs.

Apple TV 4K

A powerful little box, the new Apple TV 4K is the device you need to play local multiplayer games available on Apple’s Arcade. With controller support for all Bluetooth controllers, playing multiplayer games like “Crossy Road Castle” is a real treat. That makes it perfect for parents who are currently using Apple devices and would like to enjoy multiplayer games with their children or friends.

iPad Pro

Whether you like betting on online jackpots at Betway or playing arcade games, iPad Pro is the best all-rounder. You can access all the games available on Apple TV through your iPad Pro but with the convenience of portability thanks to its M2 chip. The screen is large enough for you to enjoy the gameplay and small enough to make it easy to take around and play wherever.

Design-wise, the iPad Pro is a sleek machine with an aluminum chassis and thin bezels, giving it a striking look. If you like games with HDR content, the iPad Pro’s XDR display will make everything on your screen look better.

The iPad Pro also delivers a room-filling sound with its four speakers, although the bass is a little lacking. However, you won’t be disappointed with the audio quality when playing games and watching movies.

iPhone 14

For the last decade, Apple’s A-series processors powering iPads and iPhones have had an edge over rivals from Samsung, Qualcomm, and Mediatek. With the new iPhone 114 series hitting the market in 2022, the performance gap has only widened.

For those playing video games, the iPhone 14 lets you take advantage of its 90Hz refresh rate with a ProMotion display that will fully unlock the capabilities of games like Genshin Impact. The battery life is also another huge advantage for mobile gamers since nobody wants to be charging their phone after every match. Fortunately, the iPhone 14 promises 13+ hours of battery life and a fast charging system.


While there’s no cut-and-dry Apple gaming device, this leading tech company has several devices that are valuable for gamers. If you like playing games on a large screen, then the Apple TV is the best way to go. However, if you’re looking for visibility and portability with the added advantage of controller support, the iPad Pro is the Apple device for you.