Trends in 2021

Companies have had to reshape their plans, business models, and priorities as they take a new shift. The HR department, in particular, has had to adapt to the significant changes, both external and internal. Some of the recent HR trends in 2021 include the following.

1)            Inclusion And Diversity

Employees come from diverse cultures, races, gender, sexual orientations, and ages. A corporation has to make them feel that they belong at the workplace despite being from a different background. Given their diversity, it may be hard to find workers who can fit into your company culture, but there is a way out.

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2)            Use Of Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in HR is increasing in employee development, engagement, and recruitment. AI can help identify why there is an increase in exit and turnover of employees. Virtual training enables skill development and training in workers.

3)            Remote Working

Recently the workplace has experienced a tremendous change as more workers are shifting from the office to home. It saves the cost of commuting, time, and also provides flexible working hours. Remote working is trending, and most companies, even if they like workers working at the office, will have to change to accommodate the trend.

If an organization initially monitors employees by the number of hours they work, they will measure quality and productivity. Employers will have to adapt working HR technology to ensure high productivity and engagement. Organizations must emphasize performance reviews, continuous feedback, and goal setting to enhance team and individual performance.

4)            Employee Experience

As a result of the latest uncertainties in the market, companies have had to redefine their employee experience. Benefits packages and engagement techniques are among the HR trends that most companies are experiencing. Employee wellbeing is taking center stage, and perks like hospital insurance, paid leaves, and help with mental health issues are increasing.

Organizations are shifting from offline to online accommodating zoom parties, mindfulness sessions, and fitness classes. Kind deeds from companies will help boost employees’ morale and understand that the company cares about them even in hard times.

5)            Focus On Mental Health

A lot has happened, and employees have had to bear the abrupt turn of events. Work burnout, depression, and anxiety have been prevalent, which has drained workers emotionally. Most companies have adopted various measures that invest in their employees’ mental wellbeing.

Organizations are hiring professional counselors who are accessible to employees at any time. Employers are also providing recognition programs and educational resources that bring awareness to workers and thus help promote their mental health.

6)            Need For More Than Job Skills

Apart from job and education skills, the HR department is now looking for more than that. Digital fluency, data analytics, emotional intelligence, and creativity are a plus when applicants are looking for a job. Also, candidates with conflict management skills and critical and strategic thinkers stand a better chance of acquiring the vacant positions.