Trading Software For Mac In 2021

Owning a Mac of some sort is a fantastic way to get started in the world of trading. While some operating systems and devices can prove to lack in critical areas, it’s not the case where Macs are concerned. And, we would go as far as saying Macs are arguably the best for trading. Now, the next step is to couple this up with knowledge, so read up on spread betting and trading, then you’re going to need the software, which we can help you with.


Latinum, in short, is analysis software for trading and technical purposes that is ideal for Mac. If you’re into stocks, this is the piece of kit for you, especially as streaming quotes for Forex get the thumbs up. The key features of Latinum as a suite are that users can determine risk and make orders quickly, while the management side is more efficient. Of course, when purchasing Latinum, you’re buying the works, so a Mac is ideal because of the processing power. However, it’s possible to buy Latinum Stocks, for example, a bespoke stock suite, and is less demanding on processing and memory.


TC2000 is an exciting option for Mac users because up until recently, it was a Windows exclusive. Having been around for over twenty-five years, TC2000 is a piece of software that is a proven hit with traders, allowing them to explore the stock world in more detail. Mac users have the option of connecting to T2000 remotely through the Parallels Client or in-browser, so it can perfect for an iPad. It was very much a case of only a matter of time for when established software meets an established platform. The service may not come cheap, but it’s one of the best options available.


MotiveWave is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to trading software because not only is it a multi-asset platform, it also allows for analysis and trading simultaneously. And it’s MotiveWave’s compatibility with Mac that makes it the choice for many. Users can download the bespoke app native to Mac, and it’s customizable, so it puts the trader in control. Via the app, analysis and trading can commence directly from the Mac desktop, and it all happens in 4K. The software receives regular updates to ensure full compatibility, and it functions perfectly with Big Sur and Catalina. You couldn’t ask for much more as a Mac trader.

Market Gear

If you’re a pro trader, and you use Mac, and you want a powerful piece of trading software, then Market Gear could be the tool of choice for you. As a product, it’s new to the scene. But the company behind it, iVest+, have been around the industry for years. While Market Gear is the perfect in-browser solution, it has a bespoke Mac desktop client, something many other similar pieces of kit lack. Along with a comprehensive list of useful features, an automatic trade journal allows users to see how they pulled off their best trades, so they can attempt to build on success and develop strategies.