Top Difficult Video Games to Try

It is the common norm that games have different modes, from the usual easy to the average medium level and the hardest ones. Some games appear to be largely difficult and give players extra stress to figure out how best they can pass levels and complete missions. 

Below are some of the most difficult games that you should try. The great news is that if you don’t have any patience, you can simply play new online casino slot games, which require no skill at all.

Demon’s/Dark Soul (2009)

  • Labeled as one of the best and burdensome games on the block. 
  • The soul series has a tough challenge that has a punishing edge to it
  • Other players can intervene in your game and the littlest of zombies can create a tough time for a player. 
  • It is visible that unfairness is part and parcel of the game and the challenging factor is also considered to be tough. 
  • Sheer mastery and brilliancy are key but do not hesitate to seek help if things fail to go as planned. 
  • It has a good set of boss fights. 

Mable Madness/Atari Games 1984

  • It has a frustrating edge to it. It is characterized by a series of  leroi johnny game overs. 
  • It has become common among players of such games that failing over and over again is normal. 
  • Mable madness is such a game that poses a tough test for players. 
  • It’s all about making your way through the mazes that are around the game frame. 
  • You have to maneuver the marble through the mazes.
  • Mazes are your enemy at large, always trying to disturb you at all costs.
  • spinning rods, ramps, and ice are found to be other enemies in the game.
  • What a player needs to do is to avoid mazes, avoid falling and always avoid foes.

Comix Zone/ Sega Technical Institute (1995)

  • Classic game.
  • hard in its manner.
  • it takes place in a living joke.
  • has fantastic visuals and good settings.