Things Every True Audiophile Should Have

Are you an audiophile? You probably think you are because you love music. Well, don’t be surprised to know that having the complete catalog of the indigo album on your Spotify playlist doesn’t qualify you to be an “Audiophile”. It doesn’t! To be an audiophile, you have to do a lot more than listening to music and shaking your head.

Who is an Audiophile?

An audiophile is someone, who is keenly enthusiastic in very high fidelity sound reproduction. An audiophile is not just a lover of music; s/he is a lover of very good music. They pay attention, not only to the music, but to how the music was produced – the bass and treble levels, the instruments used in the music, the voicing pitches as well as the arrangement. We can easily tell who an audiophile is by what musical gear they have. If you think you are an audiophile, then let’s dig through and see how many of these things. You’ll be to ascertain if you have really been a true audiophile.

High-quality headphones

Needless to say, this is a prerequisite for anyone who is an audiophile. Oh, it is inessential to ask if you own headphones. I mean you should if you’re an audiophile. But the real question is, are they super high quality? Did they break the bank when you first purchased them? If yes, that’s great! You are on track.

A high-quality headphone is one with an exceptionally good build, quality, and additional comfort when wearing for longer periods and most importantly, a remarkable sound quality. These don’t come in cheap price points. To be crowned an audiophile, you need to make this level of investment.


Do you like spending your free time listening to music at home? Then you know how important it is to have very good quality speakers. For someone who loves listening to music, good speakers mean better audio quality, which leads to a much more enjoyable listening experience. Location is also very important, a poorly placed speaker in your living room can sound like an awful grima trail. As an audiophile, you should show off your speakers at the center of your very expensive TV setup. Don’t keep them behind your shelf. Do you have super high-quality speakers? Are they expensive? If “yes”, you’re indeed an audiophile.


We can go back and forth arguing which is better between vinyl and digital. But one big difference is in sound quality. Vinyl is most definitely how an artist wants his music to sound way before the intervention of digitally enhanced sound effects tweaked and mixed a handful of times before reaching your headphones. A true audiophile, beyond regular people who listen to music, spends a little more time caring much more about this. Not to gainsay, vinyl gives a better sound quality.

The Listening Acoustics

Oh, do you step into a room and glide down the tiled floors and love the screeching sound it produces, or you clap your hands and the reverberations leave a resounding shock wave down your spines? You have an ear for acoustics! Now, it’s notable to bear in mind that the size of a room, without doubt, affects the sound waves that bounce within. Yes, it does! If you know you have a quick earing for this, indeed, you have the listening acoustics. You’re definitely an audiophile.

Do you know ‘slew rate’?

Oh, I bet you didn’t see this coming. All along we’ve been asking questions you probably have been a yes man. Now to put you through a real test: “what’s the definition of a slew rate?”

While you are trying to figure that out, a slew rate is typically the “change of voltage per minute of time”. When we put this in a musical term, we say “Amplifiers” – the ability for the amp to keep and maintain a higher frequency output consistent. So we summarize this as the amplifier’s response to the rapid change of the input level it receives. If you have a piece of knowledge about any of what’s been said here, indeed you’re an audiophile. Here, we send you a virtual pat on the back.

Do you own albums released by other countries?

Have you gone through that favorite online store of yours? Do you like the African folk music from the Gambia or the Afrobeat from the heart of Nigeria or perhaps you fell in love with the sensational rhythm of the Spanish reggaeton songs? Do you have the latest album from your favorite artists on your playlist! If you do, then you definitely are an audiophile. Alternatively, if you have acquired a diverse taste in music from the fortune you spend constantly, you’re an audiophile.

Do you have cables?

Earlier we spoke about amplifiers in a more or less technical approach. Now the question is, “Do you have cables?” Do you know the cable quality makes a whole lot of difference to sound big-ticket? All of the components; speakers, receivers and so on all create what we call an electrical circuit and these contribute to changes in the sound output. You should have these if you are an audiophile.

For the most part, do you understand and or have any of the required written above? If you do, very well, you are not just our music-loving fella, you’re an audiophile and only an audiophile knows and has all of these.