The Winner Effect

Do you find yourself spending hours browsing the internet to find that perfect piece of kit that will speed up your computer and help you smash that game you’ve been trying to complete for weeks? It’s something that many of us will be guilty of and probably don’t really know why we do it. But have you ever wondered what fuels this desire to win so badly?

Online casino operators Betway have created a helpful infographic which answers exactly this, outlining the changes that the brain goes through when it takes on a competitive activity. There are four stages to this journey:

  • Testosterone increases, fueling more aggressive behaviors
  • Neurons that light up and assess the risk vs reward of the competitive event
  • A measurement of how successful behaviour is linked to the positive emotional rewards that we gain from winning
  • These same behaviors are then remembered for future replicationSo, the next time that some accuses you of being a geek for spending hours researching the latest tech trend, just remind them that you’re just going along with what your brain has made such an effort to remember.More on this can be found in the infographic below, so take a look…

Image source: Betway