The iPhoneX Is the Perfect Gaming Companion

The popularity of gaming on smartphones has drastically increased over the years and this is due to smartphones becoming a lot more advanced. People have opted to do gaming on their smartphone because its more convenient in the sense that they are able to take it with them wherever they go, whereas with a PC for example, they are unable to take it with them wherever because it is not portable. Apple has released their new iPhone known as the iPhone X and it has remained the top phone ever since it hit the stores. It has a 5.8 inch screen which is the perfect display size for gaming as the resolution has also seen huge advancements. The iPhone X has changed the way one views mobile gaming because it has a 2436×1125 pixel resolution.

The iPhone X is more than just a pretty phone, its graphical power and A11 Bionic chip has created a ground-breaking impact in Augmented Reality as well as in the typical spectrum. The iPhone X also comes with an ARkit which has really enhanced the Augmented Reality experience. The A11 Bionic chip has also seen a 70% enhancement in multi-threaded tasks and a 30% graphical enhancement over the A10 chip. The HDR and True Tone of the iPhone X is like something never seen before on any Apple device. The OLED screen, faster processor and front-line graphics has helped game developers increase the amount of sales of their apps. People don’t just love online gaming, they also love online betting as well as online casino games; which are perfect for iPhone X users because not many phones even come near to it.

With regards to online casino brands, Unibet is just one of the many who has a superb mobile casino service; which is perfectly suited to the Apple device. The iPhone X has 3GB of RAM which is enough to handle just about any large game or application; whether it maybe a roulette game or Minecraft. As you know smartphone batteries tend to deteriorate after time, especially when you’re doing gaming on your smartphone. The iPhone X provides a 2716 mAh battery which is the best battery there is. It also has a fast charging option which is great for those who are impatient or those who really need to charge their smartphone quickly before they need to leave to go somewhere.

Apple has viewed the iPhone X as the smartphone for the future due to the technological improvements and capabilities of the smartphone. The iPhone X is a smartphone that people have demanding for years and now it’s finally arrived. The iPhone X just looks attractive and consists of vibrant colours. The colour of the display of a game or picture is just absolutely amazing, the screen just glows and intensifies the display. The colour stands out because of the sharpness and the quality the screen provides. The iPhone X is definitely one that looks ahead to the future by providing the best possible experience for not only gaming but also for smartphone use because of all its beneficial and new capabilities and features.