The Best Tec-9 Restricted Skin in CS:GO — Tec-9 | Re-Entry

The Tec-9 is a true semi-automatic pistol that lacks extreme accuracy and has a high spread recoil. At the same time, the Tec-9 is an excellent anti-armor weapon and boasts a huge amount of ammo.

Pistol skins are especially popular with users because they are able to boast a beautiful appearance. The tec-9 re-entry is especially worth highlighting.

What can be said about this weapon?

Tec-9 has 18 rounds in the magazine and 90 rounds in reserve. The gun has an incredible spread, so not every player is able to handle it. Although the Tec-9 is a rather difficult pistol for beginners, it is fully compensated by the ability to penetrate armor with one shot. It is precisely because of this that the Tec-9 is almost an ideal weapon option for economic rounds.

It is enough for the user to hit the head with Tec-9 — regardless of the armor — to kill the enemy. Furthermore, it’s this opportunity that encourages players to use Tec-9 on an ongoing basis. If you take hits to other parts of the enemy’s body, then the damage is significantly reduced.

If we talk about the advantages, then we can highlight a huge amount of damage, an incredible rate of fire, a large supply of ammo, and good performance at medium and long distances. Speaking about the shortcomings, one can note a fairly large dispersion during continuous firing and a large return.

Why Tec-9 | Re-Entry is so interesting to users

The Re-Entry skin has a price slightly below average among the skins of this automatic pistol. On it, the surface of the receiver, bolt lever, sling swivels and rear sight with a front sight have been marked with a sticker in the form of fire on a blue and black background, smoothly merging into each other. The rest of the pistol is unpainted.

Now a little about paint wear. It is worth noting that in the Well-Worn exterior, the quality of the pistol is rather low. If you bring the skin to the maximum performance in this exterior, then the paint is missing on the surface of the shutter lever, swivel and rear sight with a front sight. The paint is almost completely absent on the front of the receiver. There are minor scratches on the back of the receiver.

Despite this, the gun is very interesting and attractive with its price and aesthetics. Naturally, the cost of the skin depends on the exterior:

  • from $1.06 for Factory New;
  • from $0.57 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $0.32 for Field-Tested;
  • from $0.44 for Well-Worn.

The Battle-Scarred skin is not available.

Buying a skin — where is it possible?

There are several ways to purchase skins. Firstly, it is worth mentioning the official platform of the CS:GO developer, Steam. This may seem like the best option, but for some users, this platform is not suitable, since it is impossible to withdraw money to your personal account. All funds remain within the community, so if your goal is to make money, Steam is not for you. It is also possible to make transactions directly with users, however, there is a risk of encountering unfriendly gamers who can simply take your funds.

Third-party sites can be a good option for investment. It is there that you can buy a suitable skin, save it in your personal account and sell it at the right time at a better price for you. At the same time, such platforms allow you to withdraw money to a personal account using various means of payment. However, in this case, you should only use trusted sites with a reputation.