MyMac Podcast 270
David and Guy Take Over

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The animals break out of the zoo as Guy Serle and David Cohen run the podcast without Tim Robertson! Featuring Rick Stringer as an innocent bystander – the crew talk Psystar legal woes and Seasonal Gift Picks.

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Rick Stringer & the Variant Frequencies podcast – Four time Parsec Award winner!

Gift Picks
Gomadic Ipod Car Cup Holder
Rocketfish iPod Car/Bike mount
Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

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Is Psystar Open Computers really cheaper than Apple’s Macs?

The ongoing debacle of Psystar just won’t go away much to Apple’s dismay. Apple tried to do what they prefer to do at first, which is ignore them and hope they’ll self-destruct. Early on that seemed to be the winning move as Psystar changed its location several times, had its capability of ordering through credit cards taken away, and put out its first computers to pretty much universal derision when they turned out to noisier than Obama/McCain supporters on Fox news.

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