Hear – Review

Hear Developer: Prosoft Engineering Version: 1.2.2 (2015) Price: $19.99 Hear by Prosoft Hear is a powerful audio equalizer for the Mac (or PC). In

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Whoops. Some of us who write reviews and articles here at MyMac like to think we’ve got this whole Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, iStuff

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MyMac Podcast 295 – Podcast Contest

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Listener feedback and anecdotes about recording the 300th podcast contest commercial (we’ll put it out someday…the outakes that is). Gaz has some sound problems with his MacBook that required some major Googling and Time Machine to solve. Plus MacAlly’s Amptune, Smile on my Mac’s PDFpen, Westone’s True-Fit Earphones, Modulr, WiFi sync app, and much more. A MAJOR announcement and a new contest for the 300th MyMac.com podcast! Here are some of the prizes!

MacAlly Amptune $69.99
Smile on my Mac PDFpen $49.95
ProSoft Engineering’s Drive Genius $99 and Data Rescue $99
JoeSoft’ Hear $49.95
NoodleSoft Hazel $21.95
Reggie Ashworth’s AppDelete $7.99
Boinx Software’s FotoMagico 3 Pro $149
St Claire Software’s Default Folder X $34.95
Westone’s Westone 1 True-Fit Earphones $139

Contact info: twitter.com/gazmaz and twitter.com/macparrot, guy@mymac.com, or our Skype direct number 703-436-9501

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Drive Genius 2

Prosoft bills Drive Genius as "THE industry standard disk utility for the Mac platform." That’s a big claim, so I thought I’d have a look at the latest Leopard-compatible version, Drive Genius 2, to see if I could improve the performance of my 1.83 GHz MacBook. Short answer? Yes! Long answer? Read on…

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MyMac Podcast #166
Macworld Expo Day 3 David Pogue and Sinbad


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Our longest podcast of the week is one of our best yet. Tim and Nemo look at the days event, and talk about some of the booths and events of the day. Nemo interviews New York Times technology writer David Pogue, while Tim does an on the spot interview with Sinbad. (yes, we know the audio is bad for the Sinbad interview, but what the heck.) More Apple Quiz from the Prosoft Engineering, and Guy and Nemo pay some Booth visits.

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Links from the show:
Prosoft Engineering

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MyMac Podcast 165
Macworld Expo 2008 Day Two

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Booth recordings at EA Games, Music Wizard, Notion Music, and some Apple Trivia from the Prosoft Engineering Booth. A ton of fun, plus Larry, Guy, and Tim from the hotel room talking about some of the days activities. And what’s this about a NEW AOL Macintosh client? Really?

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Links from the show
Filemaker Pro / Bento
Music Wizard
Notion Music
Office 08
Prosoft Engineering

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Data Backup 3.0

Everyone hates doing backups. I know I do. Like most utility software packages, products like this are ignored until it is too late, and your precious data is gone. It’s funny how diligent I was at work (I suppose my job being at stake had something to do with it…), yet I almost never backed up anything at home. I’ve been playing the odds for a lot of years, and have so far been pretty lucky.

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MyMac Podcast

Contest Time! We announce the Prosoft Drive Genius contest winners, plus give instructions for the NEW Macromedia Studio 8 contest! Enter now, contest closes at midnight, Monday October 31st!

This is our longest show ever at almost an hour and a half. We talk the latest in the Mac world, how we record our podcasts, and so much more.

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