PodCast for April 21 2005 – Episode #19

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This week, Chad and Tim return to the home of Tad Scheeler, where we last recorded a show there back in January.

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This week, we talk about the Adobe purchase of Macromedia, and what it could mean for the computer users of the world.

Yes, we have a BRAND NEW Not Mac News with Chris Seibold.

Chad has a dead G4. Can Tim bring the dead back to life? Find out this week by listening to the show.

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This PodCast is sponsored by Small Dog Electronics, click here for your chance to win a Mac mini. Check them out for all your Mac needs.

Updated contest information. For your chance to win an Newer Technology RoadTrip! FM transmitter from, be sure to listen to this show, as well as the April 3 show.

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This episode, a NEW edition of Not Mac News from Chris Seibold, the holy Mac Pontiff.

Todays software topic, Graphic Converter.

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