MyMac Podcast 151

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A special weekend edition of the podcast looking at Leopard. First up, Tim talks about installing the new Mac OS on both his G5 and Macbook Pro machines. Robert chimes in from his cell phone twice, once about buying Leopard, and again with his first impressions after installing it on an older iBook G4. Finally, John Nemo records four interviews from the Apple store, a really fun segment!

We would LOVE some of your feedback on Leopard. Send us an email here, or simply call 1-801-938-5559 and leave a message.

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The Problem Solving Guy – 1

Based on Guy Serle’s generous, well-informed responses to John “Nemo” Nemerovski’s blog entitled “February is COMPUTER FRUSTRATION MONTH,” the duo teamed up for this first in an ongoing, unpredictable series of troubleshooting features. We welcome your suggestions for future subjects, plus any comments, wisecracks, and flames on or off the topic under consideration

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