First Book Shoot-out
Missing Manual vs. My New Mac

Recommending a good book for newcomers to the Mac platform is always tricky. You want to recommend something that doesn’t just cover all the basics but also has some depth as well. A book that only covers the simplest aspects of the Mac interface like how to copy files or connect to the Internet will quickly become obsolete as the user’s skills increase. So the best sort of beginner’s book is one that doesn’t just cover the interface and the operating system but also explains how to use the supplied programs to complete a variety of different projects.

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Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual

David Pogue’s latest endeavor, Mac OS X Leopard: The Missing Manual has built upon all of his previous versions and his experience in working with Macs. This is what should come in the box with your Mac. Everything you need to know or would like to know about Leopard is in this book.

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MyMac Podcast #166
Macworld Expo Day 3 David Pogue and Sinbad


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Our longest podcast of the week is one of our best yet. Tim and Nemo look at the days event, and talk about some of the booths and events of the day. Nemo interviews New York Times technology writer David Pogue, while Tim does an on the spot interview with Sinbad. (yes, we know the audio is bad for the Sinbad interview, but what the heck.) More Apple Quiz from the Prosoft Engineering, and Guy and Nemo pay some Booth visits.

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Links from the show:
Prosoft Engineering

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Book Bytes
MyMac Magazine #34

Mac OS8 Visual Quickstart Guide By Maria Langer Peachpit Press ISBN 0-201-69645-2, 281 pages $17.95 U.S., $25.00 Canada Last month I reviewed

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