MyMac Podcast 153
The Life and Death of Owen Rubin

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For episode 153, Owen Rubin joins Tim on the podcast for an intimate conversation about his history at Apple, Atari, and other technology companies he has worked for. One of the creators of the LC line of Macintosh computers, as well as some Atari Coin-Op games in the early days with that company, Owen has not slowed down at all in his quest to be around cool technology companies, and to work on the cutting edge. Also, Robert Hazelrigg reviews the Audioengine 2 desktop speakers, and we play a promo for the new Tech Wired Australia podcast.

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Links from the show
The World of Owen Rubin
Owen’s Archive Page
Tech Wired Australia
Audioengine 2 Speakers

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MyMac Podcast 96
Vern Seward

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Tim and Chad spend most of the podcast talking with Vern Seward, writer at The MacObserver. Vern is a long-time Mac writer, and goes way back with computers. From Mix Tapes to Atari to a colored iPod Nano, we hit a lot of topics.

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