Reasons for 3 Cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 11 Pro comes with 3 cameras and a lot of people are wondering why. See, the iPhone is not only great for online blackjack gaming and faster processing speeds. Now, the photos are advanced and will have you feeling like a professional photographer. Below are the reasons for 3 cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Take Pictures From Different Perspectives

If you have used the previous versions of the iPhone, we are sure you are aware that these phones have telephoto and wind-angle lenses. Now, the iPhone 11 Pro features a wide-angle lens, as well as an ultra-wide-angle lens. This allows users to take some really great photos from different perspectives. This doesn’t matter if you remain in the same spot, there will be different perspectives. 

Capture 4x More Scene

The ultra-wide lens that we mentioned above means that users are able to take 4x more scenes. This comes as a great relief to all those landscape photographers. Not only that, but this will also work great for group photos. What’s more? There is the option to zoom in and out when capturing, allowing you to focus on a specific area.  

Improved Portrait Mode

This new design of the iPhone comes with an excellent Portrait Mode as compared to the old iPhones. The iPhone 11 will have your portrait photos looking like they were taken professionally, it will allow you to have an app for this website is all thanks to the advanced bokeh, as well as the depth control.

Better Low-Light Pictures

With the older models of the iPhone, you would find that quality changed a lot if you were taking photos in low light. However, with this new 3-camera technology from apple, you are able to take great, high-quality photos even in low light. This is enabled by the Night Mode feature, which is specifically designed for pictures in low lighting. This feature turns on automatically. How this feature works is, each time that you take a picture in low light, the phone will take many pictures and then align them in order to create a great shot.