No-till Living Soil is the Future of Cannabis Production

  • Saves Effort

If you try to plant cannabis without using no-till soil, you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of effort on raking and making sure that the layers of the soil are well distributed so that your plant gets the necessary amount of nutrients from the soil. You’ll also have to add these nutrients in the form of chemicals or fertilizers that may end up harming your plants or other living organisms in your soil. On the other hand, using no-till soil will mean not having to waste energy overdoing these unnecessary procedures. 

  • Time-Saving

Using it means that you won’t waste energy on raking or redistributing layers of soil, this basically means that you’ll be saving a large amount of time that you could use on other aspects of cannabis production to make the process more efficient. If you’re planting cannabis on an industrial scale, it also means that you’ll be saving labor costs because you’ll not need workers spending their working hours tilling the soil. 

  • Increase in Medicinal Properties

One of the most important reasons why no-till soil is something you should give serious consideration is the fact that it increases the plants’ medicinal properties. According to Redbud Soil Company, the properties a plant has, is affected largely by the soil it is planted in. As a result, having soil with an intricate ecosystem due to no tilling will make the cannabis being planted have more complex medicinal properties that will make it more effective. 

  • Sustainable and an Organic End Product

You will have this because the soil will be rich with living organisms that have a symbiotic relationship with each other and with the plants. Instead of being harmful to the plants, pests and other microorganisms both use and benefit from the plants in the soil. 

  • More Yields

It gives you better yields than planting with other kinds of soil. This is great because you’ll not have to replant multiple times to get the amount of cannabis you want from your field. Increasing production means if you’re farming cannabis on an industrial level your business will be gaining more money and if you’re planting cannabis in your garden, it means that you’ll have more cannabis to use than you would otherwise.

Using no-till soil is your best choice when planting cannabis because it will ensure that your plants are effective when used. It will also reduce any harmful factors because there are no chemicals or additives that could affect your plants.