Newsletter Popup Examples: A Quick Guide

A popup newsletter is a great way to grow your email list and gain new readers. It’s like a blog post you can send out to prospective customers on a specific topic or product. The unique text at the bottom of your email ad grabs attention because it offers them something they’re looking for. A lot of people don’t know what a pop-up email newsletter is. In this blog post, we will address what they are and how they work.

What Is A Popup Newsletter?

A popup newsletter is an email ad that provides you with an opportunity to provide more content than your typical blog post or offer. They are used most often for business opportunities but can also be used for personal marketing purposes as well. If you subscribe to our newsletter examples, you can get valuable content and special offers.

Pop-up email newsletters are designed to be opened in the background while reading your inbox. They have historically been used as a way for publishers to test out different formats and get in touch with new audiences that might not be active web surfers or social media users but still receive e-mail updates about their favorite content creators or brands.

The Benefits Of Pop-Up Newsletters

Newsletter popup emails have countless benefits, but we want to notice the four major ones.

Limited-Time Commitment

Popup email newsletters are a great way to build your email list and draw in new audiences. Since they appear in the background, they don’t take much time and don’t require someone to enter their email address actively. They are perfect when you want to use an ad that captures attention quickly before it disappears. They are also great if you have a limited-time offer. People can learn about it and provide their email addresses but do nothing.

Draw In New Audiences

A great way to increase readership on your blog is by adding affiliate links to your content. An email ad that draws in new readers can be a space where you can promote these affiliate links. The potential for this is huge. Affiliate marketing has become increasingly powerful, and the right promotions will bring in more traffic to your blog and, hopefully, more customers – which translates into greater profits and success.

A Testing Ground For New Content

Another benefit of using a popup email newsletter is that it allows you to test new content ideas or products without investing too much time and effort. A popup email newsletter will enable you to try out a new ad format or a new product or service without having to create an entirely new landing page. The risks are similarly reduced because you can test the ads on a smaller audience before releasing them to the general public.

A Way To Engage Your Audience In The Background

Many popup email newsletters offer their content in the background, meaning readers don’t have to “activate” it to view it. This is perfect for marketers looking for a way to engage their audience in the background with relevant content and information that provides value but isn’t too distracting from other things they may be doing at that moment.

Types Of Pop-Up Newsletters

Popup email newsletters are as varied as the people who create them. There are many different types, and you have endless options regarding how you want to present your content.


Popup email newsletters with time-based content are ideal for people with immediate demand on their time. For example, those who offer a limited-time special for a discount or service, or a promotion for a new product. The audience can see your message and contact you within the given period without having to click away from their email program or computer.


Evergreen content is ideal for those who regularly offer a service or product to their customers. Evergreen content means you can keep sending out the same ad repeatedly and still capture a lot of attention. You don’t have to worry about developing an entirely new and unique ad every time, but you get to build on the people already reading your content.

Tips For Successful Pop-Up Newsletters

You should keep a few things in mind when creating your popup email newsletters.

Use Email Capture Widgets On Your Site And Promote In Articles

Popup email newsletters will usually require you to add an extra button to the pages you want your ad to appear. Make sure that the email capture button has a clear label and is easily identifiable as a way for people to subscribe.

Cross-Promote Before The Launch

It is important to promote your popup email newsletter before its release. If you want it to be successful, then you need to build up the hype before it’s even live. You can write a blog post or make a video announcing the upcoming popup email newsletter launch.

Send To Your Existing List

If you have an email list that is already built up, it’s a good idea to send the popup email newsletter to them as well. This will ensure that you get your audience familiar with your brand and your blog talking about your new email advertising product.

The Bottom Line

Popup email newsletters are a great way to make your audience aware of new products or services you offer and of any promotions you might be offering. You can also run these popups in the background while they read their emails. Popup email newsletters are an easy, quick, and effective way to build traffic on your website.