Must-Have Apps for Your iPhone X

With the rate at which things are moving, we anticipate that there will be over a million apps on the iPhone App Store. At the moment, there are about 750,000 apps to choose from. So, with so much to choose from, just how do you know which ones are the best. Of course, there are common apps which everyone has on their phones but, in this article, we want to focus on the must-have apps for iPhone X. These are quite essential and you should download them now. Don’t forget, you should also have a few gaming apps to help you relax when you are stressed, e.g. newzealand online casino mobile apps. 

Google Maps 

Of course, iPhone comes with its own Maps app. However, Google Maps delivers fully. It will help you find your way, share your location and download location for offline use. Pretty cool feature, if you ask us. 


Most of us just do not have the time to organise our finances. This makes BillGuard a handy tool. This app will do a good job managing your spending habits. It will remind you about those bills that need to be paid or alert you of your irregular spending. Also, the app will let you know if there are any frequent charges for those service that you don’t use anymore. 


If you have always wanted to be a social media whiz but just didn’t know how, this is the app for you. This app will schedule your social media posts based mainly on when the posts will be the most effective. In fact, it will schedule your tweets or posts for a time when most of your followers will be active. That means the app measures the time so that it can set the appropriate time. You will also be shown your posts’ stats.


This app is perfect for those people that love shopping online or play Meilleur casino en ligne. Dashlane will save your payment and confirmation info automatically so you don’t lose it. Also, it will keep track of all your spending, which makes it very easy to find your receipts.