Jobs Which You Can Do with Nothing But Your Mac

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A decent MacBook is all you need to get by these days. With how much is available thanks to the internet, you can work from virtually any place on the planet. The only thing you need is a connection and the computer itself, and you are all set. Of course, internet marketing is one of the most popular niches when it comes to working on the internet, but it is certainly not the only option. If you feel like the time has come to finally leave that lousy job of yours and start working for yourself, then you are in luck. Everything written below this paragraph should give you ideas and inspiration to take that step.


There are a lot of different jobs if you have a talent with words. Perhaps the best one is becoming a copywriter and offering your services to various companies. Of course, that is not the only option as you can find plenty of bloggers who have established their audience through a blog. Finally, you can advertise yourself as someone who can write articles on various topics, or maybe even do some translating work if you can speak a foreign language. Those are in demand too.

Designing T-shirts

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No matter what time of year it is, there will always be a demand for clothes, especially t-shirts. And as people tend to be more conscious of what they wear, you can take full advantage of that and start making designs for t-shirts, or anything else really. Try out shopify print on demand with Printify or any other platform and you should be good to go.

Working in Customer Support

There is a big demand for customer support these days due to so many businesses focusing on the online world. And it is not just big companies. Even small e-shops have their customer support “department” which is always there to help with any questions that may arise. If you happen to be on unusual timezone for the US, it improves your chances even more.

SEO Services

It will take time to learn about it, but search engine optimization is one of the most in-demand services at the moment. Everybody who is on the internet and running a business needs to make sure that their page is optimized. Otherwise, they should not expect to see a lot of organic traffic.

Writing Reviews

A bit of a stretch and on the darker side of the internet, but there is a demand for people who are willing to leave reviews on various products on Amazon or other similar websites. It is not something along the lines of Printify Review: Print-on-demand Done Right (February 2019) which was published recently, but a couple of lines. Well, at least most of the time.


Another idea that requires time and patience. If you have a niche that you are familiar with, it is possible to start flipping and profit from it. If you are not aware of what flipping is, here is a quick summary: you purchase something and sell it immediately for a bigger price. Like already mentioned, it will not work for everyone, but thanks to the internet, all you need is a decent computer and an internet connection to make it happen.

Video Editing

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Even the biggest stars on YouTube have editors these days. Whether it is due to lack of time or other commitments, it is certain that there is a demand for those who have skills in editing videos. And it is not just for other people. When you become comfortable with editing, you can start creating something yourself. A channel of your own can be extremely profitable. Again, it takes time and skills, but what doesn’t?

To sum it all up, those who have already purchased their MacBook and want to start making money should not hesitate and try either of these ideas. Working on the internet has not been better than it is now.