How to get more followers on Instagram with 5 tips

The world social media is something we would have never imagined would be at this scale maybe 20 years ago. Few of us would have imagined there would be so many, some gone and some new ones. I doubt you will even remember Myspace, do you? Facebook was the next big thing and not so long after, Instagram.

Instagram has crossed the 1 billion user mark and sets itself apart from the rest as a platform with photo, video sharing and recently, live feeds and stories. It has shifted from being for just individuals to businesses joining in to take advantage of its many users to create revenue for themselves. Who could blame them? Content means nothing without followers to engage with it. For new users, gaining followers may not seem clear cut, so a good advice for them would be to find services like Growthoid which can grow their accounts organically by using techniques that work really well for accounts that are trying to get Instagram followers in an effective way.

We will provide you with some additional tips to get ahead in the Instagram game. 

Engage when you can

Social media is branded so because the main focus of it is to be social, virtually. Instagram is no different if you want to get more followers. Users are on the platform to connect in some way and with some features on Instagram, they can do that. Some ways to engage is through liking content, sharing content, commenting on content and where possible, direct messages. Some of the best opportunities to engage is on viral posts where there is a lot of engagement in the comments. Commenting something relevant to the audience of the post will get you instant attention and maybe a follower or too.

Use hashtags

When you are travelling to a new destination that you have no clue about, you may use a GPS or a map (if you are a pirate). GPS makes it easier to find places that a traveller may not be too familiar with. Similarly, hashtags are the GPS of Instagram. Hashtags group similar content together and make it easier for users to find content they may be interested in. It brings users with the same tastes together. Participating in a hashtag by creating content relevant to it and adding the hashtag to your post will draw users interested in that kind of content to your page. Hashtags are like lights to a moth. Hashtags are not always the best way to go if they are already overpopulated so it is better to lookout for slightly popular hashtags if you are a new user otherwise your content will get lost in overpopulated hashtags and never be found. 

Use analytics 

We have all had that report card that disappointed us. Some have had more than others but we can mostly relate that they made most of us anxious for different reasons. Instagram has a report card of its own through their analytics. Analytics show you how well your page is doing in terms of user engagement whether through likes or comments. It will show you information on demographics of the people who enjoy your content too. Some tools include Instagram Insights, Hootsuite Analytics and Iconosquare. These will help a user understand whether the content they are sharing is relevant or not. If it is, keep it going. If it is not, you may need to make some adjustments to make it better.

Try out an influencer 

The popular kids on Instagram are the influencers. These are users that stand out of the crowd and have a huge following. They are a great way to get word out there about a brand or page on Instagram. Getting influencers on board to share your content with their followers will give it mileage you would take a long time to get in a short time. Influencers exist in different categories such as fashion, automobiles and music. You should find one relevant to your category.

Join a niche 

Niches are your way to focus on a specific type of user. Some include fashion, travelling, beauty and health and fitness. Joining one helps you focus your content creation a specific group and maximise engagement. Engaging influencers in that niche will draw users specifically interested in your content.  


Instagram is a great tool for many reasons but meaningless without followers. By using hashtags, influencers and engaging consistently, you get a few steps closer to making the most of Instagram.