How do USA residents feel about gambling?

Gambling in America is a very popular activity among the local population. If 20 years ago it was possible to enter money betting only in two states, now this number has grown to 48.

Today, gambling is strictly prohibited only in Hawaii and Utah. Many enterprising operators have found all sorts of ways to circumvent the legal obstacles to opening a casino in America. For example, state laws like Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana and Iowa prohibit gambling on their land. In order not to violate the law, entrepreneurs began to use huge barges, which formally “stand” on the water, and not on the ground, as the basis for building a gambling house. Thus, everything happens within the law.

To date, the government of the country aims to develop the gambling industry. At the beginning of this year, it was doubtful whether the PASPA law prohibiting sports betting would be repealed. However, today this issue is resolved, and many states regulate this market privately.


U.S: the list of states willing to offer legal sports betting begins to expand

  1. This is due to the heightened interest of Americans in gambling. For the majority of the US population, casinos, sweepstakes, sports betting are not so much a way to generate income, but also one of the types of entertainment. Gambling users are given a wide range of opportunities: state and national lotteries, traditional horse racing, greyhound running dogs, a wide selection of various casinos, including tribal (located on Indian reservations), private or commercial, online casinos.

Who visits online casinos among Americans?

Studies conducted by the international research center Newzoo showed that today 73.9 million people in the country are active users of gambling resources and betting apps in the United States. Among them, 52% play for real money.

Analysis of the age categories of American players has shown:

  • the most avid users of online gambling sites are men, whose average age ranges from 36 to 50 years. This is 21% of the total number of online casino customers;
  • the second place by visiting the online casinos in America is women aged 36-50. In percentage terms, this is 16% of the total;
  • men from 26 to 35 years old are in the minority;
  • the smallest preference for gambling is given by American women aged 18 to 25 years, which is 6% of the total number of players.

Interestingly: male representatives are more active users of American gambling platforms than representatives of a female audience.

U.S. Games Market 2018

Following previous studies of the same organization (Newzoo), we can conclude the following:

  • among men, 58% prefer not to take risks and make fairly small bets;
  • 69% of male players play to the maximum.

What are the favorite gambling games of Americans?

The country’s land gambling establishments offer a wide variety of gambling entertainment. Slot machines, roulette, poker, betting, blackjack, card games, – each client can choose the activity to his taste. We propose to consider the TOP-3 gambling.

  • Poker

Poker is the most popular and favorite game of chance among residents of the United States. Among all visitors of American gambling establishments, more than 27% prefer this particular card game against the background of various slot machines, roulettes, etc. It is also important that poker is also relevant among the inhabitants of European countries. For example, in the UK, poker is chosen by 24% of all land-based casino customers.

  • Slot machines

Slot machines, or as “experienced” players used to call them – “one-armed bandits”, rank second among the most popular casino games. More than 26% of gambling Americans when visiting a casino choose slot machines.

  • Bingo

Despite the fact, that bingo gives the impression of a rather mediocre game, about 17% of American players prefer it against the background of the more well-known blackjack and roulette.

Fans of roulette in the USA are only 5% of users, while in the UK this number is 14%.


Despite the rather strict legal regulations aimed at regulating the gambling activities in the country, casinos in the United States have a high popularity among the local population.

Until the end of this year, state municipalities should abolish mini-casinos – platforms with slot machines (from 350 to 740 units).