Getting help with your national pardon application

If you have been convicted of a crime in Canada and you now have a criminal record, you won’t be able to leave the country. If you want to receive permission to enter the United States, you need to look into getting a US waiver or a National Pardon. The journey can be hard and of course, you probably don’t have experience with getting a pardon. That’s why it can be really hard to go through the process by yourself. That being said, if you still wish to do everything by yourself, there’s no one stopping you. However before you make a final decision, consider the following aspects of the situation:

There’s a lot of running around

Getting your pardon application ready for submission implies a lot of running around submitting documents and getting all kinds of forms and permissions. This is a very tedious process and it will take a long time in which your patience and nerves might be tested. You will have to go to a lot of institutions and headquarters you probably have never visited and talk to a lot of people behind counters. It can be a very stressful endeavor, even if the end result is a big deal.

You can get help

Even though you can go through this process all by yourself, there are alternatives that you might find more suitable. There are many benefits that come with reaching out and asking for help in this matter. You also have multiple solutions when it comes to hiring someone to help you

You can employ an agency that deals specifically with pardon applications, such as, meaning that you will have someone in your corner that deals with the kind of thing you are struggling with every single day. They do this for a living.

You can also employ a lawyer which will provide very useful support on the judiciary side of things. They aren’t as experienced with pardon applications as a pardon application agency, but they know a lot about the law and will be able to guide you through all the legal aspects of the process.

What you get out of this

No matter which option you go for, you can expect to gain a lot of benefits from the partnership. One of the most important things that you can look forward to is the fact that you won’t have to run around submitting documents yourself. Your pardon application agent or lawyer will do that for you. They know where they need to go and they know their way around the different offices involved. Whatever documentation is further needed, they will let you know and will ask you for assistance. In other words, it’s a very “hands off” approach for getting your pardon application prepared and submitted.