From Graphic Design to Gaming: How to Choose the Right Mac

Source: Pixabay

When looking for a new desktop-based computer, consumers are often torn between two models: the standard PC and the Mac. To finalize their decision, they should be able to narrow down what specifically they want to do on their desktop. From multiplayer gaming to online casino, video editing to graphic design, how does the Mac fare?  

Online Casino

Online casino is growing in popularity and is, in part, a desktop-based past time, so you would expect those on Macs to be engaging with it. As the Royal Panda online casino in Canada shows, part of their offering is a live casino element. This encompasses live poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette and incorporates top quality live streaming technology. This represents the forefront of online casino gameplay as the boundaries as to what constitutes traditional casino gameplay and what utilizes modern technology are beginning to merge.  

In order to handle this technology, the Mac must be able to process in real-time. The 27 -inch iMac, for example, has 5K retina display, which would provide a crystal-clear experience when playing live casino. As the gameplay relies on being able to follow the action and clearly see the dealer, this aspect could be a factor in deciding whether to choose a Mac or not.

Multiplayer Gaming

Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have changed how people view the gaming landscape. The massively multiplayer formats of the games mean that those who engage with them must be able to respond to what their opponents are doing in lightning-fast time. Lag and slow processing would result in the player’s experience being ruined and would render the game less fun than it should be.

There are plenty of settings to toggle with to make games like Fortnite run faster on the Mac. The frames-per-second (FPS) is a key metric that can result in a faster gaming experience. There are ways to change the game user settings and in-depth videos online to help with this. So, even if the Mac feels like it might be running slowly for multiplayer gaming, there are ways to help speed it up.

Source: Pixabay

Video Editing

Creating video content is no longer the domain of amateur filmmakers – many people create videos for YouTube and social media and being able to do so is seen as a valuable transferable skill. There are many factors to consider when deciding which hardware to use for video editing – screen size, RAM, CPU, storage, ports, and graphics.

A larger screen would help to use two-screen functions and see the scope of tools on software such as Adobe Premiere. As the 4K video that many people shoot with requires a lot of storage and a lot of processing power, these factors are possibly the most important in order to edit video at a pace that the machine can manage. 32GB of RAM would be suitable for 4K with extra programs running and would be more than adequate for HD and anything of a simpler quality.

Graphic Design

Similar to video editing, graphic design has flourished as people can create art, memes, and images, and share them online. This means that those who have a flair for it can monetize their skills and craft a career for themselves that wouldn’t have been possible without the current media landscape.

So, when finding a PC to work on, Macs are often at the front of most graphic designers lists due to the heritage of graphic design on Macs. A large display would be beneficial, especially for intricate design work, while faster processing and large storage capacity can be useful as the higher quality files require more effort from the hardware in order to work.

Ultimately, Macs are suitable for most things people do on the PC. The specific kind of Mac would depend on exactly what you are planning on doing on it. By drawing up a list of specifications you need, you’ll be able to narrow down what you eventually choose.