How electronic components have changed the way we live

Since they were introduced into consumer products, electronic components have had an important impact on the way the majority of us live. Electronic components are used in virtually every industry, affecting the things we buy, the way we work, and even the way we communicate with each other. Whether you are microwaving your dinner or launching a missile, electronics play a role in how those tasks are carried out.

What are electronics components?

Although the science behind them can be a little complex for the average layperson, an electronic component can be explained at its base level as a basic element that has terminals that allow it to connect to other components. The result is the creation of a functional device that can perform a specific function based on the intended use. There are two basic types of electronic components: active components and passive components. The simplest example of an active component is a battery, as this is a direct source of energy – the energy comes from the battery itself. Passive components don’t generate energy themselves into the integrated circuit they are incorporated into. They rely upon the power available from the circuit.

When components are grouped together, it is known as a circuit board. Put simply, the circuit board serves the function of the “brain” of a product, the nerve centre that tells the product what to do. As you can see, electronic components and circuit boards play an essential role in the functioning of many products. The circuit board will initiate and moderate all of the functions of the product, and the battery (one of the components) will supply the power.

Knowing the importance of electronic components, it’s necessary to discuss here the importance as well of sourcing high-quality products from a reputable source. Not all sources are created equal, and buying the right products is important because buying sub-standard components will cause your products to work at a sub-standard level. Moreover, buying lesser-quality components for use in your products can also shorten the life span of your products and cause damage. To be sure you are buying components that will perform the way you expect, be sure you are buying from a reputable source such as

It’s not always easy to know which companies are reputable and which may be less-so, but one indicator of a reputable company is the size of their inventory and the length of time it takes them to ship to you. Also, word of mouth is a good way to find a valuable resource for your electronics components. Ask trusted friends, colleagues, etc. for their recommendations and you will be on the right track toward finding a reputable source for your electronics components.

In our modern age, nearly every aspect of our lives is touched by technology and electronics. Knowing the basics of electronics components and how to find a reputable source are valuable tools in your toolbox when it comes to buying good-quality components that won’t compromise the performance of your electronics.