Designing Funeral Brochures on Mac

We all know how popular MAC computers are, and with good reason. The ease of functionality, and the features make it not just a handy tool for word processing documents, but also for being more creative. If you’ve been tasked with designing and creating a funeral brochure, you should count yourself fortunate if you have a MAC to do so, because you have two excellent options to get it done. One is through using the Apple Pages app, and the other is using an online service. 

Apple Pages

With Apple pages, you can let your creativity flow and create a brochure that provides an appropriate memorial and a keepsake for attendees. It provides a number of benefits for designers. Drag and drop functionality is very easy, unlike other document and word processors. You can move elements around and place them in the location you want. 

Adding extra pages is simple, and you even have the option of duplicating a page that you had already made. This means that if you want the same layout and design on one page that you had on a previous page, you can make that happen in a snap. You can even export other document types, including WORD and PDF documents, into your funeral brochure. 

Essentially, Pages works as a blank slate for your creativity. You can make whatever you want in whatever way you want. You can place elements wherever you see fit, and adjust the colors and other design elements to suit you. 

Online Service

However, one issue with Pages is that you have to have an aptitude for doing these types of things. It does not have a funeral brochure template available, which means you would be starting from scratch. If graphic design is not your skill, or even if it is but you don’t have the time, then using an online service to design brochures for a funeral is the perfect solution. 

One of the great things about using a service is that a lot of heavy lifting is done for you. Let’s say that someone has asked you to design a funeral brochure. It might have sounded simple enough when you said yes, but you’re now finding that you don’t know where to start. What does a funeral brochure look like? What information does it need? Should there be photos, designs, or colors? 

With a service, you can choose from a variety of templates made by graphic designers for a specific purpose. You will have a wide selection of possible funeral brochure templates, and you can use the one that works best for you. They are designed by people who already know what goes into a good funeral brochure, so it takes the guesswork right out of your hands. You’ve left that part to the professionals, and now all you have to do is fill in the spaces. 

Part of your design can be colors. Templates allow you to select the colors you want in the background and as part of the design elements. You can go with a favorite color of the deceased, or one that evokes a certain emotion. You can cycle through different options, or choose from a color wheel to find the perfect shade. You can also stick with the default that the template offers. The choice is up to you. 

There are usually options for various religions and beliefs, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything if you are not familiar with them. That is often one of the scariest things about making a funeral brochure. You do not want to upset people who share a religion with the deceased. 

There are spots for text as well, and outlines for where you can put it. All you need to do is type over the text that’s placed there. Where you get the text is up to you. There are also templates that show you where to put a table of contents or service schedule, and the obituary. 

Photos are easily dragged and dropped into place. The templates will have suggestions as to what type of photo should go in each spot. For example, a photo of the deceased should accompany the obituary. You may also want to insert photos of things or places that the deceased enjoyed, or that might evoke warm memories. 

Once you’ve completed filling in the elements, you can download the template onto your MAC, or quickly and easily order prints from the service. Some people even choose to offer digital versions of their brochures, and with a MAC you can create brochures that transfer well to iPhones and iPads. 

It can be a sad and hectic time when a loved one passes away and you need to prepare for the funeral. If you are designing the funeral brochure, having a MAC is a definite bonus. You can create the perfect brochure either through your own creativity, or you can take most of the work out of your hands and use a pre-made template.