Interview with Caroline Andreolle from IPEVO

MyMac interview by Nemo, with Caroline Andreolle from IPEVO, a San Jose, CA company specializing in VOIP Internet telephony hardware and software. She and I spent two 45-minute sessions using the IPEVO equipment in live testing chats.

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We live in a world that is driven by — and at the mercy of — massive levels of technology. We NEED more people to understand technology, and we need people to not be afraid of it, and we need them to learn to work with it, because we are now dependent on it.

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Microsoft, the big, bad Wolf?
A Conversation with Tony Bove

Tony Bove’s new book on beating the Microsoft addiction — Just say no to Microsoft — is reviewed elsewhere on the Applelust web site this week. For anyone who feels trapped by their computer instead of empowered by it, his book is a stimulating and liberating read.

Nonetheless, it’s a very partial piece of work, a one-sided attack on Microsoft and its products, and designed squarely to attract computer users over to the Macintosh or Linux camps. Regular AppleLust readers will know that I don’t necessarily see Microsoft as the big, bad wolf, so I was pleased when Bove took time out to debate his thesis with me.

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Nemo Memo
Color Management Answers with Dr. Martin Abelson

Dr. Martin Abelson is a color management guru in Tucson, Arizona. MyMac asked Dr. Abelson ten introductory questions on this perplexing topic, and his answers are fascinating and informative. If you always wondered why your photos look fine on your computer screen and not so great when printed, pay attention to his words of wisdom.

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Macs at Work Interview – Melissa Ulto

In the past several years, I’ve interviewed teachers, poets, cartoonists, Mac evangelists, software developers, singers/composers, military advisors, reporters and people in various different lines of work. The one thing in common for all of them was their love of their Mac.

Today’s interview is no different. The line of work is something new and different, but again, the love of the Mac is still there. Now I’m familiar with DJ’s but VJ’s… that’s a new one on me. So sit back, relax; put your feet up as I get up close with Melissa Ulto, VJ….

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