Best Smart TVs

50 years ago, life was way different from what it is today. Due to various reasons such as poverty, hunger, and sickness, it has pushed mankind to be innovative. With an increasing population worldwide, demand steadily rose. Much of the progress that has been made so far was deemed impossible or at the very least would happen in a lifetime when we all would have perished. 

All the success that has been enjoyed over the last half-century has been largely down to the advancements in technology. It has made life and business less hectic and demanding as well as being more precise and efficient. Better quality goods are being produced at a faster rate which has helped lower prices of goods that would have otherwise been expensive and also creating more money as more volumes are demanded. 

As a result, we have experienced astronomical development over the years. All aspects of life have been positively impacted by the benefits that have been brought on by technology. From cars to houses, farming techniques, and all electrical devices. Where we used to wait for the postman to deliver mail now we can exchange messages instantaneously with people far away. 

The TV industry and online gambling are the major beneficiaries of technology. You only need to look at a TV from 1970 and compare it to the one released in 2020, the difference is clear cut. 

The old versions were not so pleasing to the eye. They were unnecessarily huge and the majority of them relied on aerial waves to broadcast and this meant the picture was not as smooth and clear as one would have wanted. Least we forget that images were transmitted in black and white. 

No one ever imagined that just a few years later, that same TV would be able to do what it can do today. 

TVs are now fashionable, slick, eye-catching and of-course now have color. You can now play music, connect a console, and surf the internet amongst a host of things you can now do with a TV. Just like we have smartphones, we now have smart TVs that you can interact with. 

Here are some of the best smart TVs available on the market. The great thing is that you can even connect your laptop and play best australian online casino games on a bigger screen.

TCL 6-Series

It is a must-have for serious gamers. It has a THX mode that combines low input lag and high contrast. It seems to be the best choice when it comes to TVs in the same price range if we solely look at the specifications. This is value for money at its best.


If funds allow, then this specimen should surely be added to your collection. Contract and uniformity are of the highest order. It is a bit pricey but it is worth every single penny. The experience is unrivaled almost as if it’s your first time watching TV. 

Samsung Q80T

One of the biggest brands in the industry selling the most number of TVs and it comes as no surprise that they own some of the best TVs money can buy. This TV stands out merely by looking at it due to its sleek design. It has a smart TV system and offers next-gen gaming connectivity.