The Advantages of a Real Estate CRM for Mac

Does your business rely on a few spreadsheets and word documents for your client management system? If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to move away from the world of post-it notes and paperwork that are collecting dust on your desk and take your client management into the information age.

A CRM solution can give your business the competitive edge it needs by providing you with a fully functional and accessible database linked to powerful organizational and operations software. You can access your CRM solution from your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone and all of your client information are available instantly on demand.

REthink CRM has the CRM solution you need to elevate your marketing and client management, here are five advantages of implementing a Rethink CRM solution in your business.

#1 Create a Valuable Database

Your business is dependent on your database. A categorized and well-structured database can be worth a fortune if managed correctly. Every lead that enters your database is a potential client that could end up closing a deal with you. However, if your current lead generation system involves writing down a customer’s name in a diary or on a post-it note, then the chances are that you are losing more leads than you would care to admit. Never lose a lead ever again with a CRM system.

Your system can capture inbound leads, automatically adding them to your database while notifying you of the new prospect. If you receive an outbound lead, then add it straight into your CRM through your mobile device. A database that is easily accessed and actively marketed to is a key feature that potential buyers of your business will be interested in, it adds value to your company and forms the backbone of your business.

#2 Increase Earnings

Customize your CRM solution to your business’s exact needs. The whole purpose of a CRM is to manage your clients and assist you with marketing. This system will free your time and allow you to tend to more important tasks that can grow your real estate business. You can expect a noticeable bump in productivity after implementing a CRM system.

CRM’s suit solo agents and large real estate companies, a custom-tailored solution can be created for your business needs. The increase in productivity and sales that will come from a well-managed database will offset the amount you spend on the CRM.

#3 Improve Communications

In today’s age of instant information, having access to on-demand customer details can land you the deal. There is no need to dig through files on your laptop when all you have to do is open your CRM on your phone and have all your clients details and latest account actions available to you.

CRM’s can improve your customer communications by alerting you of the latest stage of their deal and automatically notifying the client of the progress. A CRM can also be used to improve team communications, allowing you and your team to update client files instantaneously and alert team members of the update, keeping everyone informed of the status of the deal.

#4 Automate Marketing Campaigns

A massive database of thousands of contacts, clients, and prospects has no value if you do not use it. Collecting all of our customer data and then following up manually on all of them while tracking all of the communications is next to impossible, especially for large databases. With a CRM solution, you can set up a follow-up system that receives the lead and then automatically follows up with your client while alerting you and your team of the new lead.

Create a sales funnel and automatically set your system to pull your clients through an email marketing campaign designed to increase awareness of your company and drive user engagement with your brand.

#5 Execute Consistently

One of the most important aspects of marketing is to keep the attention of your database. With a CRM solution, you will never miss a beat. A CRM works automatically, sending your communications at the exact time that you have specified, without you ever even being aware of it. Consistency is the key to effective marketing, and with a CRM, you will never be out of touch.