5 Reasons Why Docker Is So Popular

Containerized applications are taking over the world rapidly with their enticing nature and exciting benefits. Big business tycoons and corporations are jumping aboard  Business Insider, Spotify, Yelp, ADP, and eBay are the prime examples. It is only natural for Docker to get fame with the rising popularity of containers. It is the leading one-stop solution for managing and delivering containers. Docker uses operating system virtualization to deliver software efficiently.

Between 2011 and 2021, Docker, Inc. raised a total funding amount of 330.9 million U.S. dollars.

Docker is mainly preferred over Kubernetes due to the fact that the former runs on a single node while the latter runs across a cluster. Docker is the go-to solution for managing, deploying containers along with providing an open standard for packaging and distributing containerized apps. Read on to find out more about 5 reasons why Docker is so popular and why is everyone talking about it.

What is Docker?

Docker is one of the most popular open-source containerization platforms. It offers greater security, easy management, and increased deployment speed. It facilitates developers to great extent by making the process of application conversion to containers, hassle-free. The company can rest assured as Docker single-handedly develops, ships, and deploy applications. Therefore, the process becomes automated and fast. It also allows managing numerous containers on a single host. Containers are lightweight and easy to launch, so they contain everything you need to run the application. This increases portability and saves additional labor costs. When combined together with DevOps it can help build stable iOS applications.

You can significantly reduce the time between writing code and running it in production by leveraging Docker’s methodologies for shipping, testing, and deploying code quickly. Continue reading to find out what exactly makes Docker so exciting and covetable? Why should you choose it as your solution? Let’s find out together.

5 Reasons Why Docker is so Popular

Below are some of the reasons why Docker is in so much demand:

Cost savings and Returns

Financial constraints are the biggest driver of management decisions. A solution is deemed profitable if it drives down costs while keeping the profits up. Docker does exactly that and it help companies generate steady revenue by drastically reducing infrastructure resources. It allows the developers’ team to be smaller and more effective by cutting down on server and employee costs. It provides the same thrill that Apple does for developers.

Reliability and Compatability

Applications can run now on the same server due to Docker. For developers, it can prove to be an absolute win as they have to spend less time on setting up environments and debugging them. It will also ensure that your production infrastructure is more reliable and easy to maintain.

Simplicity and Speed

Docker is famous for simplifying the process. It allows users to take their own configuration, put it in code, and deploy it smoothly. Docker is compatible with a wide variety of environments that’s why application environment is no longer a limitation.

Continuous Deployment and Testing

Docker allows consistent environments from development to production. If a developer needs to perform an upgrade during the products release cycle, he can make the required changes to the Docker container, test them and then implement the same changes into existing containers. They can also use Docker Hub to find and share container images with the team effortlessly. While public repositories can be used free of charge, private repositories require a subscription plan.

Multi-Cloud Platforms and Isolation

Portability is one of the main selling points of Docker. The evidence of its superiority is that Amazon web services and Google COmpute Platform both have embraced it as a credible service provider. Containers can now run in any of these environments. Docker is reputed for ensuring that your applications and resources are isolated. It enables containers to have their own resources and pushes them to run within their containers. A potential application is not authorized to use all of the available resources, therefore an application can only use resources assigned to them.


Containerized applications are the future of IT. Although there are many companies leading the way, Docker is the best choice due to its security, attention to detail, user-friendly interface, and portability. It has become a worldwide solution to IT and container-related problems.

Their portfolio is pretty strong with multiple highly-reputed companies accepting their excellence. Examples of such families include Shopify, Quora, and Paypal. If you have been living under a rock check out Docker now! Apply it and see how it makes the difference between night and day. That is how your organization will really start going uphill.