5 Health Benefits of Living At the Beach

Are you thinking of moving to the beach? Living the dream on a piece of West Palm Beach waterfront real estate is everyone’s fantasy. Did you know that a beach lifestyle can also impact the state of your physical and mental health for the better? Recent research into people that live by the beach versus those that live inland shows that a coastal lifestyle is a lot healthier for the average human being.

Although the exact causes of this positive health effect are unknown, the effect itself is quite remarkable. People that choose to live near the ocean enjoy a less stressed lifestyle with a better quality of life that is envied by all that are landlocked in a major city. So, what makes living at the beach so special? Here are five health benefits of living at the beach.

#1 Your Environment Influences Who You Are

You are a product of your environment and if you do not control it, it will control you. The hectic pace of landlocked city life is stressful, when we are stressed, our bodies release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol goes on a rampage in our bodies, creating free radicals that damage our health.

Research has shown that living at the coast can dramatically reduce levels of stress. There must be something to waking up in the morning and staring out over the water as you sip on a cup of coffee or tea. The beach lifestyle is laid back and stressful stimulus is dramatically reduced, eliminating cortisol production and releasing endorphins that increase vitality and well-being.

#2 Get Out and Get Active

The ocean offers some amazing watersports opportunities. From jet-skiing across a bay to kite-surfing, or free-diving, the ocean has a wide variety of activities to fill your spare time and improve your physical fitness.

On land, you can expect most coastlines to feature very picturesque scenes and offer outstanding hiking and biking trails. Missing out on all that is on offer from mother nature at the seaside is just not a possibility, with so much to do and see, you will find yourself getting outdoors and getting in better physical shape.


#3 Breathing Fresh Air

The fresh, salty air of the coastline will work miracles with your lungs. Living in the city exposes us to toxins from air pollution and other environmental toxins that collect in our lungs and are pushed out into our bloodstream. Many people often experience toxic shock from a polluted environment and develop respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

Fresh salt air has an expellant effect and cleans out your lungs of this dirt and toxins that have built up over time. There has even been interesting research into the effect of fresh salt air on serious respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, a condition where the lungs produce excessive mucus and end up suffocating the person with their own bodily fluids. Salt air clears out these blockages and lets you breathe with ease.

#4 The Healing Power of the Ocean

Along with the expellant effect or salt air, salt water can also improve your life. The ocean has long been revered for its ability to heal wounds and improve health. Have you ever had a cut and been in the ocean? Did you notice that is seemed to heal faster than usual?

The living ocean is an ever-moving miracle that is never at rest. Taking a daily swim or surf in the sea can improve your physical and mental health, leaving you feeling revitalized and full of energy to take on the demands of the day.

#5 An Easier Pace of Life

Living at the beach has a slower pace to it than living in a bustling city. Life seems to move slowly at the coast and you can see this effect on the faces of the people that live there. This comes as no surprise being that the hectic pace of modern living in a landlocked city is none of their concern.

Stress induces production of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol has been tied to early onset of aging and the creation of nervous disorders such as anxiety. Living at the beach removes the stress from your life and drops your cortisol production. This effect keeps you looking younger for longer and improves your physical and mental health.

The Final Word

If you can do it, move to the beach, the waves and the sunshine are calling you home.