5 Cloud-Based Softwares Your Business Can’t Do Without

These days, running a small business (or even a major corporation) can’t be done without a little extra help from technology and the Internet. 

Fortunately, there are endless forms of cloud-based software designed to make professional and personal life easier, more manageable and even more fun. If you’re a business owner, or perhaps looking to finally start your company, here are five types of cloud-based software you definitely shouldn’t be living without. 

Design Tools

Running a small business usually means you’re taking on most of the work on your own, and that your budget doesn’t allow for outsourcing all that many tasks. One of the sticking points for many companies is the design and marketing side of things. 

Using design tools to help you create logos, marketing content, social media posts, etc. is a game changer. For example, a simple background eraser can bring your corporate images to life and social media post templates will help you create professional looking- posts even if you’re clueless. 

File Sharing and Storage

Pretty much everything is digital now – files, documents, invoices, etc. – which is easier to manage and better for the planet too! However, if you don’t have everything compiled together on an effective system, you’re going to flounder and your business might find itself struggling in certain areas. 

File sharing and storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive exist to simply and safely store all your files, as well as easily share them amongst your team, clients, or whoever else needs access. 

CRM Platforms

Digitally managing customer experience and other sales-related tasks and data is the only way forward. In fact, CRM has become indispensable in the customer experience. They help you to keep track of your customers, the interactions you’ve had with them, sales you’ve made, leads you’ve generated and other crucial information. 

Systems like Salesforce simplify processes that you didn’t even know needed to be simplified, and are useful in almost any type of business. 

Email Software

Everyone needs to use email – it’s the one ancient corner of the Internet that has withstood the test of time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. If you have even a small team (or perhaps just yourself), you need to get them up and operating on a business email address and account.

Certain email providers make it extra easy for small businesses to get set up and working on their email, which further makes external (and internal) communication a breeze for your business. 

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Finally, communicating with your team (even if it’s tiny) is crucial for smooth business operations. Invest in a programme that makes talking, scheduling meetings, hosting meetings, sharing files, and all other forms of communication easy. 

There are countless collaborative platforms available today that make communicating with a team simple, quick and effective. Think of apps like Teams and Slack for staying in touch and up to date with your team and everything they’re doing.