5 Best Practices for Increased Employee Engagement in 2023

The world has been on a rollercoaster for the past three years. Nobody knows what will happen next after the coronavirus epidemic, the unnerving lockdowns, and the global gas and commodities prices crisis.

Businesses and individuals alike are feeling the effects of these difficult times. As a result, businesses must pay special attention to sustaining high levels of employee satisfaction. Aside from assisting them in adapting to the new normal, businesses must devise novel strategies to engage and encourage employees.

So, what can you do to enhance your employees’ morale and commitment? How can you assist them in thriving in an ever-changing business environment? Here are five ways to increase employee engagement.

Recognize Employee Successes in Public

Employee appreciation is a crucial tool for increasing employee engagement. Most businesses have a set of core values, but not all of them will acknowledge employees for their efforts in accordance with those ideals.

Employee appreciation programs can assist in highlighting employees who embody your company’s ideals. And publicly acknowledging them not only makes them feel confident and appreciated but also shows their colleagues that their hard work and accomplishments will be seen and rewarded.

Schedule time during meetings for peer-to-peer acknowledgment so that staff can commend one another. This will give them well-deserved recognition and bring to your notice successes that may have gone unnoticed.

Consider monetary prizes for particularly great personnel if possible.

Conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Many businesses fail to recognize that people build organizations. The workforce is an essential component of any firm. After all, the people are the foundation of the organization, and you need to grasp what makes them uncomfortable or unhappy to avoid being in big trouble. You must understand how to assist your disengaged employees.

An employee engagement survey is among the most effective methods for assessing your team’s level of engagement. These surveys will provide a complete picture of your entire team’s participation and help you take the necessary actions.

Give Your Employees A Voice

Surveys are a great way to assess your employees’ engagement levels, but you should also establish alternate channels where staff may express their concerns without fear of repercussions. Consider employing the best employee engagement apps where employees may engage with their bosses or peers one-on-one and share the information they couldn’t in the survey.

Employees want to be heard, recognized, and valued, so make a strong connection with management. When communication channels are open, collaboration improves, and information flows smoothly. And while it takes time, this employee engagement method shows your employees that you trust them and care about their problems.

More Innovation At Work

Creativity is the ability to develop new and intriguing ideas, which may be fostered in the workplace by allowing people more autonomy over their job. Employees have a greater tendency to be innovative and creative when they shape their own projects.

For instance, if you want your staff members to think of a new service or product idea, grant them some space and time at the start of each week to discuss ideas on their own—that way, they’re not just wondering about how to implement anybody else’s vision successfully.

Allow your team members to do their own thing every so often if you want their creativity to be at an all-time high!

Promote Work-Life Balance

People continually battle with time as a result of the fast rat race. So, providing a better work-life balance to your employees will result in greater employee engagement. To that purpose, ditch the 9 to 5 and implement flexible work schedules or remote work opportunities. Your employees will be eternally grateful for enjoying a happier and more satisfied personal life. 


The best practices described above are some of the most important things that any employer should remember when increasing employee engagement in their organization. Implementing these tactics will result in a highly engaged workforce, which will benefit your firm.