MyMac Podcast 856: Monterey Musings (part1)

The first public beta for macOS Monterey is now out and SO many people are talking about, so we thought we might too! Because we’re all about getting out the information our listeners demand! Oooor…we just like jumping on any bandwagon that we can. There’ll be more on this next week for the bits we didn’t get to this time.

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Oh Ho
Apple lists products that pose risk to pacemakers

Flying car

The good old Shure SM7B which is a dynamic microphone that requires OODLES of gain. It sounds great but also costs $400 ()

Ordnance Survey

For Pick’s Sake (none this week)

Guy:- Apple’s News App. Never thought I’d use it much, but I like it as a content aggregator.

Gaz:- Apple 1 subscription service

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