Essential Apple Podcast 219: Meandering Madness

Recorded 3rd May 2021

Jim and Simon and Nick get together again to meander around the news and some other stuff – this is an extra long show because somehow we ended up with 4 hours of audio! Anyway with some of the more off topic and meandering bits removed its down to a “mere” just over 2 hours (oops sorry about that). Also after such a massive edit the effort of making the show notes quite as tidy as usual was too much to face! So sorry, but all the links should still work even if it isn’t in the usual tidy format… Oh and I don’t mention it on the show but we are now available on a bucket more services including Amazon Music – just ask Alexa to play Essential Apple Podcast on Amazon Music…


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On this week’s show:



  • Big Show on the @spligosh on Twitter very occasionally.
  • Sometimes appears on Bart Busschots’ Let’s Talk Apple
  • Sutton Park Circuit church worship on YouTube


  • Apple Q2 2021 Results – $89.58 Billion Revenue – MacStories
  • Apple in Breach of EU Competition Law, European Commission Finds – MacRumors
  • Apple Fined $12 Million in Russia for Violating Anti-Monopoly Rules With App Store – MacRumors
  • AirDrop flaw exposes your phone number and email address – 9to5Mac
  • iPad Pro 2021: Apple Confirms 2020 Magic Keyboard Will Work, But There’s A Catch – Forbes
  • iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency toggle mysteriously grayed out for some users – 9to5Mac
  • Siri thinks you’ll be able to add your Apple TV remote to Find My – 9to5Mac
  • Here’s how iPhone battery recalibration works in iOS 14.5 – 9to5Mac
    • Apple iOS 14.5: Why The Latest Update Is Crucial For iPhone 11 – Forbes
  • Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac now available for M1 Macs – Parallels
  • Chipolo Takes Dig at AirTags When Advertising ONE Spot Item Tracker: ‘No Accessory Needed’ – MacRumors
    • You Can Drill a Hole in an AirTag and Directly Attach It to a Keychain to Avoid Purchasing Those Accessories – Wccftech
  • SuperDuper can now make bootable Big Sur backups – Six Colors – SixColors


  • Gravitricity battery generates first power at Edinburgh site – BBC
  • The NYPD retires “Digidog” robot after public backlash – Ars Technica
  • UTM and QEMU – YouTube


  • Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its hands — Ars Technica
  • Computer security world in mourning over death of Dan Kaminsky, aged 42 – The Register * Prominent security expert Dan Kaminsky passes away at 42 – ZDNet
  • Signal hacks Cellebrite device, reveals vulnerabilities and potential Apple copyright concerns – AppleInsider
    • Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer – Signal Blog



For things that are not worth more than a flypast

  • Even the Calibri Fonts Creator Is Glad Microsoft Will Have a New Defaut font – Wired


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  • Blog for Andy J’s security tips.
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  • Wire – free for personal use, open source and end to end encryted messenger and VoIP.
  • Pinecast – a fabulous podcast hosting service with costs that start from nothing.

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