MyMac Podcast 817: One Ring to rule them all

So by ring we really mean Apple services, because one service to rule them all would be a dumb title. And our titles are ALWAYS great! Except when they aren’t. Some video issues this time out so there won’t be a video podcast this week but Big Sur will straighten ALL that out…once the apps work that we use.

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Guy’s Pick: EpochCam by Kinoni. You’ll need both the iOS App and the Mac driver for EpochCam from Kinoni (free). There’s also a viewer app called the EpochCam Webcam Viewer in the Mac App Store that lets you view it.

Buy the iOS app (it’s $8 bucks), install it and connect your iPhone to your computer over USB. You can also connect via WiFi, but it’s better over USB. Go to Kinoni’s website, scroll down a bit and you’ll find the Mac Driver. Install the Mac Driver and it should work. I’ve tried it with OBS, Streamyard, eCamm Live, Skype and Zoom and it works with each, though with Zoom it only will connect and show a picture while the app is running apparently. Which seems weird but it always worked for me.

Gaz’s Pick: One thing I am prepared to pay for, OS Maps

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