Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard for Mac – (Space Gray) Review

Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Company: Matias

Price: $149.95 USD MSRP

I’ve used a variety of keyboards since I first started using computers going back to the beginning of the 1980’s. Commodore 128, Apple keyboards that came with Apple Desktop computers and the IBM keyboards that I had to use at work since work only used PCs. Fast forward to the past decade and the times have changed to where chiclet keyboards have basically become the standard. However I missed the sound and feel of the mechanical keyboard and decided it was time to go back.

Setup of the keyboard is simple; open the box, select the USB cable that you need (3’ or 6’), plug into your Mac and the keyboard and you’re good to go, no drivers needed. The only caveat is that you must be using Mac OS 10.3 to utilize the volume keys and by now, I would believe that there are very few 10.3 system users out there. The keyboard itself provides you with three additional USB 2.0 ports for you to use. The function keys on the Quiet Pro allow you to control the screen brightness, volume and iTunes. Matias cites that the keys are laser etched so the symbols on the keys will not wear off with continued use.

I decided to try the keyboard out with all of my Macs: a 2010 13” MacBook Pro running High Sierra, a mid-2011 Mac Mini still running Sierra, a 2012 13’ MacBook Pro running Mojave and even my 2009 Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave. I have had absolutely no issues at all with any of the Macs while using the keyboard. And let’s be totally honest here; the keyboard is quiet but yes, it still makes the clacking noise of a mechanical keyboard. It still makes noise but not to the point of being overbearing and distracting to others. If you want to gauge the sound of the keyboard, go to the Matias home page for the Quiet Pro and scroll down and you will find sound comparisons of the Quiet Pro and three other mechanical keyboards. The “feel” of the keyboard is solid and quite different then the chiclet keyboards. I had no issues with keys sticking or duplication of a letter. 

I have spent the past several weeks using the Quiet Pro for all my computer dealings. Working on a document on my laptop, closed case and attached to a monitor, Quiet Pro. Working on a family history on my Mac Mini, Quiet Pro. The list goes on and on as I wanted to really work the keyboard to make sure that there were no issues and I found none. 

System requirements: A Mac equipped with a USB port.

The keyboard comes with a one-year warranty. In the box the keyboard comes in is the keyboard, a manual and two USB cables, one six feet and one three feet.

All in all, I give the Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard a My Mac rating of 9 out of a possible 10.

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