MyMac Podcast 785: Somehow THIS is 500

After talking about it for FAR too long, Gaz and Guy finally reach show 500…which is this episode numbered 785. In this pinnacle episode, they announce the winners of the bumper contest, go over a little bit of news, discuss fun things to do with their wives, and find out that you have to be VERY careful when talking about what Apple shares may hit.

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Guy’s Pick: A free Daw…sorta Studio One 4 Prime. Inputs outputs limited to two tracks, which probably won’t matter for most podcasters

Gaz’s Pick: Website Camel Camel Camel
Don’t know about you but I like to check if I’m getting a bargain, well how about using a site that has a look at the historic price position of an article that you might be looking at in Amazon,.
Just pop the link for the product into the website and a voila

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