Type-C Aluminum stand and hub for Mac mini – Review

Type-C Aluminum stand and hub for Mac mini

Manufacturer: Satechi

Retail: $79.99

The Mac mini is a terrific solid-state Mac with a small footprint. Its frustrating design element is that it has very few ports and those are on the back where they are hard to reach. The new Type-C Aluminum stand and hub from Satechi eliminates both of these issues. The Mac mini fits into the top of the stand that matches its size, shape, and Space Gray aluminum finish. It’s less than an inch thick so that once it is in place, you hardly know it’s there and your mini retains its compact profile. The unit is bus-powered so its only connection is a discreet USB-C plug that connects to the back of the mini. The unit is designed with flow-through air vents so your mini stays cool.

On the front there is a row of convenient ports—a USB-C port, three USC-3.0 ports, slots for Micro and SD cards, and a 3.5mm headphone socket. These make it effortless to connect external hard drives, thumb drives, camera cards, and peripherals that are only used once in a while. 

I’m a product design nut and this stand/hub makes me happy because of its form, its function, and its well thought-out design. My mini now sits at the back of my desk where I can easily reach the handy row of ports on the front without disrupting cables or other gear.

The MyMac reviews rating is an enthusiastic 10 out of 10. Well done, Satechi!

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