Twist+ World Charging Station – Review

Twist+ World Charging Station
The Grommet

$45 ($15 on Amazon)

Twist+ World Charging Station is a world travel adapter which includes four USB charging ports. The plug contains the US, UK, EU and AU adapter which can optionally attach to the Apple MagSafe, USB C, iPad and Airport Express power adapters. It can charge five devices at once using the AC outlet and the four USB ports. 

Packaging for the Twist+ is done nicely. The box includes the adapter, instructions and country list. To change the plug type, you twist while holding in a little button. Twist one way to choose from two of them and the other way for the other two. To attach the plug to the Apple adapter, take the small plastic back off the device and then slide it onto the Apple adapter. 

Since I am not traveling internationally, I only tested the US plug. I had no problems charging my 2018 MacBook Air which was connected to an iPad Pro, an iPhone XS Max and an iPad Mini. The cables stayed in where they were supposed to and the ports were easily accesable. 

There are a few issues with the charger however. My main complaint is that the size makes it impossible to plug something along with it in a two prong outlet. It is a fairly big device and that makes traveling with it a little more challenging. Additionally, with it being plugged into the Apple adapter, it becomes top heavy which may cause it to fall out of a wall. At $45 it is much more expensive then the competition, however Amazon has it for $15 which is a more palatable price.

MyMac Review Rating is 7 out of 10. A good travel adapter for Apple devices if you buy from Amazon.

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