Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote – Review

Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote

Solo New York

$70 U.S.

Parker is an outstanding and versatile backpack and tote with a rolling luggage handle pass through when you’re wheeling a carry-on or check-in suitcase. Mrs. Nemo used Parker on our two recent airplane+car trips and she loves this lightweight pack+tote. Most of the time she’s using the handles to carry it as a tote. When she’s boarding or leaving an airplane she puts it onto her back and maneuvers easily while carrying our little pooch to our seats.

The value, quality, styling, design, and functionality of Solo New York’s Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote are exceptional in this era of overpriced, oversized, overstyled, overfeatured, and poorly manufactured travel and tech luggage. Parker is both slim and spacious, with enough capacity for her travel purse, iPad, snacks, travel mug, and all our pooch supplies, yet it fits easily under an airline seat and has a slim profile.

There is no dedicated external pocket for a water bottle or travel mug. This is the only suggestion we have for Parker v2. It’s risky placing a full container of liquid inside Parker along with all the aforementioned personal items, especially an iPad.

The internal cotton pocket is large enough for a full size laptop computer when you need to carry one, and the external zippered pockets are very handy. The padded shoulder straps stow easily. Parker is available in elegant, durable black with gold hardware and accents.

Mrs. Nemo was pleased many times by how much she can carry easily and comfortably in her Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote. She recommends it highly. Solo New York is a fine company with a large catalog of well-priced products in all shapes and sizes. Check them out.

Read the glowing reviews on Solo New York’s web page for Parker and you’ll agree with our 9 out of 10 MyMac Review Rating.

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