HiRise Wireless – Review

HiRise Wireless

Manufacturer: Twelve South 

Retail:  $79.99  

Twelve South’s HiRise Wireless charger is talented. It stands on your desk or nightstand and charges your phone in an upright position so that your screen is visible. It includes a unique feature; its oval Qi charging pad is removable. When you are traveling, you can leave the base at home and just take the pocket-size Qi pad. In addition, the pad will charge Apple’s new AirPods. 

As a person whose career involves product development, I appreciate good design. Twelve South shines when it comes to thoughtful, carefully considered products with innovative features. The handsome new HiRise Wireless charger looks great, performs well, and is a treat for the eyes. It is mirror-finished gunmetal chrome matching Apple’s Space Gray. It weighs a substantial 1 lb. (454 g). The base and the back of the Qi pad are non-skid rubber and the surface of the Qi pad is black leather. 

The base is satisfyingly heavy and doesn’t skid if you need to use the screen while your phone is on the charger. The back of the Qi pad has a tiny unobtrusive LED that glows blue while your phone is charging and green when it is complete. 

The pad has a USB-C socket and a 60 inch (1.5 M) USB-C to USB-A cable for fast charging is included. This permits powering the charger from almost any power source including your Mac. USB-C compatibility means you can plug it into your MacBook for on-the-go charging.

MyMac Review rating is 9 out of 10. Well done, Twelve South. 

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