SoundPEATS TRUE – Review

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds
$39.99 U.S.

SoundPEATS True are Bluetooth earbuds that feature completely wireless earpieces, Bluetooth V5.0, High Definition Microphone, IPX5 Water Resistance and Charging Case. Battery life is around 4 hours and a fully charged case can recharge the earbuds 5 times. Smart side controls let you activate Siri or control other playback functions.

Packaging for the SoundPEATS includes the earbuds, instructions, additional ear tips, USB charging cable and the charging case. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. The charging case is plastic but feels solid even when the case is open. The case charges via the included micro-USB cable. I found that the ear tips that came on the True Earbuds were a bit small and uncomfortable, so I tried a larger sized one. The fit was much better for my ears and a lot more comfortable.

Pairing the SoundPEATS earbuds to my iPhone XS Max involves no effort. When you take the buds out of the case for the first time, they are in pairing mode. Once they were connected I began to start listening to some music.

Music sounded good for a pair of truly wireless earbuds. I also own a pair of AirPods 2 so I was able to do some comparison. Keep in mind however that the SoundPEATS are priced much lower than Apple’s version. Like most wireless headphones, there are audio and voice prompts telling you what it is doing. The prompts worked well in all situations. Both earbuds have smart controls. Tap the left earbud to go back, right to go forward, double tap left for Siri and double tap right to stop. The volume was loud enough for my taste — the treble was clear and the base was decent. They do not operate as well or sound as good as the AirPods, but for the price, they are very good. Podcasts sounded just as clear on the SoundPEATS as on the AirPods.

I made a few test calls and used the microphone in a few different locations. For the most part, people on the other end said I sounded decent, however they did hear some static and crackles a few time. I also tried the earbuds using Skype and again, sound was clear except for the static. I haven’t had any complaints about static or crackles while using my AirPods, so that could be an issue for some customers.

MyMac Review Rating is 7 out of 10. If you are looking for an inexpensive set of truly wireless earbuds and will use them mostly for listening to casual music or podcasts, the SoundPEATS True is a solid choice. The microphone quality could be a minor issue at times, as happens with many similar products.


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