MyMac Podcast 759: Dashboard Drops Out

As we get closer and closer to macOS Catalina, sometimes it’s not about what we gain, but what we lose. Dashboard is one of those things, but seriously, when was the last time you used it?

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Guy’s Pick: MovieMator Video Editor Pro. Yes, another Chinese video editor from the Mac App Store. This one has multitrack and can use keyframes. $14.99 which is pretty good at getting your feet wet in more complicated movie editing. I have a few complaints (split screen isn’t easy to use), but overall I like it.

Gaz’s Pick: Out of necessity my EE mobile provider App to keep an eye on my usage over this weekend, actually it’s a pretty good App all round for checking bills and stuff, it also allows you to share the data, we have a number of people on several plans and I can move data from one to another if someone is getting close to their monthly limit, It will be used this month I’m sure.
So if your are an EE user and in the UK, I don’t know if they have capability elsewhere, then don’t dismiss their App. Oh it’s kinda free, I mean you have to be with them of course 🙂

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