MyMac Podcast 749: Apple Watches are swell

A longer show if you include the after show but shorter than the short show from last week if you don’t. Got it? Good. Guy is upset about the AAF shutting down and Gaz is upset that Numbers isn’t Excel. They’re BOTH upset that Apple watches are making the news but not in a good way and that AirPower is impossible. Apple’s Airpower that is since regular air power is easy as pie but not for Apple…So Apple Pie…oh never mind.

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Guy’s Pick: NDI from Newtek. It’s more a protocol than an application, but it’s really cool to see what it can do. Free-ish.

Gaz’s Pick: Believe or or not Safari. I use it more than other browsers and I use it more and more. Hey it’s not a bad browser, probably I like it because it helps keep you hidden from those bastards trying to get your every move.

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