Essential Apple Podcast 132: Down the rabbit hole with Simon & Nick…

Recorded 14th April 2019

This week there didn’t seem to be a great deal of Apple news, not so much a “quiet week that wasn’t” as a “quiet week that was”… So expecting a relatively short show Nick and I sallied forth, only to go down a rabbit hole or two and end up with a show so long it had to be cut back (and still ended up extra long – and it could have been longer believe me…)
Anyway – it’s Easter next week so we will be taking a break for a week… and thus this somewhat longer than usual edition is now officially dubbed “Bumper Easter Edition”


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  • Apple now offering data migrations for free with new Mac purchases and repairs – 9to5 Mac
  • Apple adds new ‘Confirm Subscription’ step for in-app subscription signups on iOS – 9to5 Mac
  • How AirPods and Shortcuts shifted Apple’s Siri story and blunted Amazon’s Alexa Echo threat – Apple Insider
  • An Apple Podcasts+ service could be a hit with listeners and creators – 9to5 mac
  • Cardbox for iOS reimagines contact management with social features, more – 9to5 Mac


  • Space X Falcon Heavy Launch and booster landing – YouTube
  • UK’s Sabre space plane engine tech in new milestone – BBC News
  • World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever – The Verge
  • Flickr Teams Up with Pixsy for the First End-to-End Photo Theft Solution – PetaPixel
  • UK train passengers offered smart tickets – BBC News



  • Byte Magazine July 1989 – Vintage Apple 360 pages of Byte Magazine – from the days when half the page count was adverts… and a lot of those double page spreads to boot (via Steven Sinofsky on Twitter) If you’re young enough to have missed it first time, find out what it used to be like, and if you are not then revel in the nostalgia

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