Toast Leather Laptop Cover – Review

Toast Leather Laptop Cover
Toast Made
$99 to $229 U.S. depending on which extra features are purchased

This was my previous funky laptop cover. Broken plastic, covered with some decorative flair from my nieces as well as my own — but let’s be real, a total mess. As a freelancer who visits with clients constantly I was overdue for a professional  upgrade, and fortunately for me Toast Laptop Covers fit the bill. 

Toast makes protective covers for laptops, tablets, phones, and even gaming consoles. The special thing about Toast is the materials. The company uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and all-natural leather. Each piece is laser cut for the device it is destined for and then hand finished. Since I was looking for a professional l upgrade I received the leather laptop cover for my MacBook Pro 13” model.

Let’s start with installation. If you have ever put a protective cover on your phone I would say that’s the level of difficulty there is to putting this cover on  your laptop. It’s an adhesive cover so you peel back a little of the adhesive covering to get it lined up and then carefully adhere the rest. You can pull it back off a little when placing it on the first time but as with all semi-permanent adhesive products getting it right the first time is optimal.

Toast provides plenty of instructional videos on their site when you want some additional help before you apply your own cover. After discarding my sad clip-on cover and giving my MacBook Pro a brief clean to make sure there was no gunk between the laptop and cover I applied the Toast product with ease in just a few minutes. My cover came with two pieces, one for the top and another for the trackpad area. 

The material is gorgeous — this is a fine piece of leather. I found myself holding my computer more because it just felt so good. After using it for a few weeks I could tell that it will age beautifully after taking a some dings and scratches and will have a wonderful patina of age. This is what I look for in anything that I get that is leather, and the Toast leather has that quality.

If you’re not into putting animals hides on your electronic equipment, and when I say that it sounds weird to me, Toast also has real wood covers for you. The precision on the laser cutting is outstanding; there’s an Apple cutout on the MacBook cover and it aligns perfectly. Also the trackpad cover is cut exactly to fit the space for the trackpad although I had some issues — more on that later.

I spent a few weeks working onsite with a client so this was a perfect opportunity to see how well the Toast leather cover would perform in the real world. I was bicycling to my client’s office so my MacBook was coming in and out of my bag everyday, being open and closed as well as being shuffled around from desk to conference room and all over the place. Again the Toast laptop cover performed beautifully, I never had a issue with the adhesive, or peeling off. My assumption was at one point a corner was going to get caught on something and that would be the beginning of the one edge that was always peeling off a little and needed to be constantly pushed back down, however that never came about.

My only issue with the cover was the trackpad portion and this is mostly a personal fit issue. The leather for this is pretty thick, which for protection is a good thing. On the trackpad segment this created a well around the trackpad that I found bothersome — when working with the trackpad, my thumbs kept bumping into the edges and it bugged me. Again your mileage may vary on this aspect.

This concern did enable me to put the cover through one more test, and that was removal. Honestly, I don’t want to take it off, the top cover is still on, but for me the trackpad cover had to go. If you do need to remove your cover it’s just as east as putting it on. Actually the hardest part of taking it off for me was finding a hair dryer to assist in removal. I’m bald so I don’t own a hair dryer — I borrowed one from my neighbor. Using the aforementioned borrowed hairdryer I warmed up the cover a bit and then peeled it off with little effort. There was some adhesive left on the device but a little rubbing removed it off easy. There was no sticky residue left behind, and I did using a alcohol cleaning pad for good measure. 

If you need a high quality, precise and luxe cover for your electronic equipment I highly recommend you look into Toast.

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10.

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