MyMac Podcast 738: Shiny Things

It’s traction distraction, what’s your fractions? Guy LOVES microphones and he’s disappointed when a cheap one outperforms an expensive one…especially after he’s bought both! Gaz is distracted by time…and time-lapse. But isn’t time-lapse something that happens anyway? Oh and we suppose the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas is worth a mention or two.

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Guy’s Pick: A very quiet USB microphone. Normally not a good thing but in this case the quiet is noise you didn’t want in the first place. Neewer’s NW-3U USB microphone at $28 is a great buy.

Gaz’s Pick: Anker Soundcore Fully waterproof 360 speaker bought a couple in the post Christmas sales and they are great. I got them for 29 gap each but at 60 maybe I’m not sure, however if you see them on offer GET ONE.
Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker Motion Q Portable 16W, MacParrot on TwitterGaz@mymac.comGazMaz on Twitter/ GuyandGaz on Twitter/

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