MyMac Podcast 736: Yeah, twas the night before Christmas

Happy significant milestone that neither Gaz nor Guy remembered until this week everyone! Oh, and apparently a major religion is getting ready to celebrate the birth of the Messiah some 2000+ years later. Man, at least the GMen were only a week off! Mr. Yankello redos some graphics for Guy and Gaz can’t get enough of HomeKit. Also, Ming-Chi Kuo gets mentioned a lot, bent iPads are A-OK with Apple, and when is 5G that isn’t 5G, 5G? When AT & T says it is.

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Guy’s Pick: Growly Backgammon. COMPLETELY FREE!

Gaz’s Pick:Boinx’x  iStopMotion not for using the way it was intention with models but I’ll be using it for Time Lapse with my looooong clips of the views we have
AND It’s ONLY $19.99 Bargain

Combine it with iStop Motion Remote Camera (Free) and you have a winner!


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